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If Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, and Hannah Bronfman are all fans of a brand, it’s bound to be rad. Case in point: Lyz Olko’s new eponymous line. Despite the fact that the designer—who doubles as the director of nightlife and VIP services and operations for NYC hotspot The Jane—only just launched her label this past summer, it has already garnered the attention of the most badass trendsetters around. Yeah, it’s that good.

“Every time I spot someone wearing something from the new line it’s exciting, but some of the coolest moments have been seeing Sky Ferreira, Kendall Jenner, and Kristen Stewart in my pieces,” enthuses Lyz. “All are big fans of the destroyed tee.” The designer has also made custom items for Sky, as the two are close pals. “I’ve made stuff for her to wear while on tour before,” she explains, “and for Alexis Krauss of pop duo Sleigh Bells. I am so blessed to have so many beautiful, talented friends who wear the brand.”

Although her debut collection, entitled Back to the Land, includes cool staples like distressed tees and hoodies, it’s the revamped vintage army jackets and Levi’s jeans—sourced from secondhand stores all across America—that are really the stars. Boasting sweet floral patches and edgy metal hardware, the slightly tomboyish, slightly feminine styles have received unique upgrades that make every piece one of a kind. “The focus of this line was the actual handwork that goes into each garment,” says Lyz, who makes up half of the two-person design team that works out of her NYC apartment. “My assistant designer Nicolette and I sew on each appliqué by hand and distress everything ourselves—it’s insane!”

Equally as impressive as Lyz’s production methods is her dedication to ensuring the line is as ecofriendly as possible. “I get the hardware that I embellish the pieces with from my friend Anna Sheffield. She has a fine jewelry line called Bing Bang and gives me her leftover charms and jewelry pieces,” explains Lyz, who is a vegan and animal welfare advocate. “I also use a lot of recycled fabrics and vintage pieces—I just want this line to have a really positive environmental influence.”

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Lyz Olko