How to dress for the off-duty apocalypse? Let's find out.


Lyz Olko's latest collection explores the illusion of safety and the way we protect ourselves through clothes, through tribes, and through a very shaky world.


Olko again uses up-cycled materials and military surplus to form a backbone of the unisex collection, creating garments in materials including ripstop, meant to withstand hard use in the field — but equally suited to the trials of urban life. Graphic tees present the ritualistic aspects of wilderness survival with a humorous, personal undertone, and cut & sewn items incorporate reflective caution tape, polyester safety straps, and mesh netting.


To launch the line, Lyz Olko presents a limited-edition print zine featuring contributions from Richard Kern, Alexandra Marzella, Peter Sutherland, Carly Mark, Rachel Howe, William Strobeck and more, each answering the questions "What do you need in order to feel safe?" "What is important to you that money cannot buy?"

What do you need in order to feel safe? What to you is beyond price?

Started in 2015, Lyz Olko Clothing is a New York based clothing line that places a strong focus on sustainability, having a positive impact on the environment, and creating sophisticated and wearable womens and menswear. 

Olko studied Fine Arts and Film at the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated with a BFA. She works as a creative director and stylist in addition to designing.