Lyz Olko

The birth of Lyz Olko Clothing was July 1st, 2015. Her previous Autumn/Winter 17 collection - “I Am Fire” - conjures the ghost of Joan of Arc; a rebel soldier and visionary. The folk heroine saved her nation against all odds, in spite of those who called her just a girl. Olko presented the collection with a performance choreographed by artist Alexandra Marzella. Olko chose Joan of Arc as the heroine of her Autumn/Winter 17 collection to inspire people to rise up against the current political environment, never abandon hope, and foster change through action.

The label has a large focus on using sustainable methods of production and recycled materials. The cut and sew items are made in between New York and Los Angeles, the majority of which takes place in Olko’s studio in NYC.

Olko studied Fine Arts and Film at the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated with a BFA. She has worked as a stylist, photographer and designer. She is based in New York. 


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