Lyz Olko

The birth of Lyz Olko Clothing was July 1st, 2015.  The first collection was titled “Back to the Land”. This title means a number of things, but most importantly a sense of coming home, simplicity, using what resources are available to you, living your truth and giving back to the land which you live and which resources you are blessed with

The label has a large focus on using sustainable methods of production and recycled materials. The cut and sew items are made in between New York and Los Angeles, the majority of which takes place in Olko’s studio in NYC.

Olko studied Fine Arts and Film at the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated with a BFA. In her spare time she cooks vegan meals, makes zines and shoots photos, (which are featured on the site) and runs marathons.


"Days of Heaven” is Olko’s second collection, with an exclusive Men’s collection for the online shop.

"WATCH THE SKIES” the third collection for Spring 17 debuted this September.